Photograph by Lars Ploughmann

Suncream Dairies

Suncream Dairies are a family-owned ice cream manufacturer based in Tamworth, UK. They very kindly donate ice cream to The Umoza Trust which we are then able to sell at local events and raise vital funds. 
Visit their website here

Statfold Barn Railway

Statfold Barn Railway is a private railway near Tamworth, UK. It is home to an extensive collection of historic steam, diesel and electric locomotives from Britain and overseas. The railway holds a number of open days each year and kindly allows The Umoza Trust to sell ice cream at these events. As the railway do not charge The Umoza Trust for this, all profits raised from these events are used directly on projects.
Visit their website here

Trident Manor

Trident Manor is a security, risk and crisis management service provider to national and international clients. They very kindly support a charitable cause each year, and we are proud to say that they are supporting The Umoza Trust for 2016/17. Huge thanks!  
Visit their website here


Manyana is a local artist based in Mzuzu, Malawi. He very kindly allowed us to use his beautiful artwork on the homepage of our website. If you ever happen to visit Mzuzu, do let us know and we will give you directions to his shop!