Photograph by Lars Ploughmann

The Umoza Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees that operates in a voluntary capacity to oversee the activities of the Trust and to ensure that the core values and purpose of the Trust are reflected in the way we deliver our projects.


Dr Olivia Wadham

Olivia is a founding Trustee and Treasurer for the Umoza Trust. Olivia is also a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology. Olivia and Caroline first founded the charity following a project providing training and consultation to a small service within Northern Malawi. This project formed part of their specialist placement during their clinical training and sparked their desire to continue much needed exchange projects to encourage mutual learning and sustainable international partnerships.

Aside from her role within the Umoza Trust, Olivia works for an independent company where she takes a lead on providing therapeutic input for looked after children within residential care. Prior to this Olivia worked for the National Health Service for over 5 years, within a number of different services including with individuals from different age groups, and ranging from community teams to specialist inpatient and crisis teams. Olivia completed her three year doctoral training course at Lancaster University between 2011 and 2014.

Olivia has a particular passion for working with children and young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds where they may have experienced significant trauma and abuse. She enjoys applying creativity to her work and relishes the challenge of adapting communication in relation to language barriers, cultural differences or communication difficulties. Olivia believes it is crucial that services within the UK are made available and accessible to the diverse population of people that live here – building the cultural competence of practitioners is therefore imperative in achieving this aim. Olivia is keen to see the Umoza Trust continue building international partnerships as she has seen first-hand the value of capacity building projects to staff and services in developing countries, but also the invaluable learning taken back to services within the UK.

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Dr Caroline Wyatt

Caroline is a founding Trustee and Chair of the Trustees for The Umoza Trust. Caroline is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, having completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Lancaster University between 2011 and 2014. She is a member of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology and Faculty for Eating Disorders and is an accredited supervisor with Teeside University.

Alongside her work with The Umoza Trust, Caroline works full-time for the NHS within inpatient and day services for adults living with an eating disorder. Prior to this she worked in a community mental health team, and whilst training worked across a range of specialities offering services to people of different ages and varying needs.

Caroline has always loved exploring new cultures whilst travelling and was keen to combine this interest with her career as a clinical psychologist. Along with Olivia she arranged a placement in Malawi in 2014, an experience which brought to life the importance of acknowledging and valuing the influence of our culture on our mental health.

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Dr Amy D'Sa

Amy joined the Umoza Trust as a trustee in 2016 and holds the position of secretary. She completed her Doctoral Clinical Psychology training at Lancaster University between 2011-2014. Before training she worked across a range of community and impatient clinical settings, mostly working with adults.

Since qualifying in 2014 Amy has been working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the UK. She enjoys working with children, young people and their families. She is especially interested in supporting individuals and families following traumatic experiences while also drawing on relational and systemic understandings.

Amy is extremely interested in developing her own cultural competence through working with individuals and communities across different cultures. She sees being part of The Umoza Trust as a great privilige which allows her, her fellow trustees and all involved to develop cultural sensitivity and compassion while enhancing our understandings of individual's emotional needs.

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